Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

This is Halloween! (:

Hello guys!
Today a little 'day update'
It's on of my favourite days in year: Halloween!
I love this day, 'cause I'm in a very special mood on this special day. I also like to look a bit creepy in my outfit and make up. It's very funny!
In the evening, I went with friends to Mc Donalds in our town. We ate ice and some pommes frites.   (Delicious!)
Later, we went home through the city and yes..

On the right side, you can see my Halloween make up.
I was a little psycho doll, mwahaha!
I've chosen a little Tutorial for the make up, but changed some things, 'cause I haven't got false lashes.

Tutorial♥ <--- Here's the link! Take a look at her channel, there are also other good tutorials! (:

At least, I wanna show you a cover from a very lovely song, I've found today.

Cover★ <--- Here's the link! It's: Jason Mraz - I'm yours

Wish you all a good night!
Love, Carmi♥

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